Always On Edge Lighting v5.5.0 [Pro].apk

By: Ashley Dunlap, Category: Android, Published: Monday February 3, 2020

Keep the Edges lighting always with down to 0% CPU usage, this is an accessory not just an app it is an app you made. Border light works without receiving a notification. in addition to lighting when a notification comes.THIS IS A RIMIX between always on display and edge lighting but with a lot more options to controll. here is its main featuresWhen it start?-manually, only when I want I open the app.-automatic, always anytime I lock screen.-only when a notification comes:.and screen is off..a...

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File Name Always On Edge Lighting v5.5.0 [Pro].apk
File Type application/
File Extension apk
File Size 6.11MB
Created Date Monday February 3, 2020, 11:26 am
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